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Eufy Security Camera

Eufy Security Camera Review | Ai Tech Camera

Eufy security camera review: The eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 emerges as a promising contender in this landscape, offering a blend of advanced features and a strong emphasis on safeguarding personal data. 

Keep your home protected with the Eufy Security Camera. Invest in peace of mind today. 

Its sleek design and intuitive functionality aim to provide homeowners peace of mind without sacrificing convenience.

What is an Eufy Security Camera?

The eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 sets itself apart with its innovative on-device AI, distinguishing between human and pet movements to record only relevant events.

This minimizes unnecessary footage and optimizes storage space, ensuring that users have access to pertinent recordings when needed.

By leveraging AI technology, the camera effectively filters out mundane activities, allowing users to focus on what matters most – the safety and security of their homes.

  • Users can upgrade the camera’s firmware to version or newer to ensure optimal performance.
  • The Eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 is non-waterproof and requires a Class 10 microSD card (not included) for local storage.

Eufy Security Camera Review: Features

Eufy security camera review: With its commitment to privacy and data security, eufy sets a new standard for home surveillance, empowering users to protect what matters most with confidence and peace of mind.

1. Relevant Recordings

The standout feature of the Eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 is its ability to discern between different types of movement. Utilizing sophisticated on-device AI, the camera accurately determines whether a human or pet is present before initiating recording.

This intelligent feature significantly reduces false alarms caused by non-threatening activities, such as pets roaming the house or trees swaying in the wind.

Users can efficiently manage their surveillance footage by prioritizing events of interest and quickly identifying potential security threats.

2. High-Quality Imaging

Equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, the eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 delivers crystal-clear footage up to 2K clarity (1080P with HomeKit).

This high resolution ensures that every detail is captured precisely, providing users with a comprehensive view of their surroundings.

Whether monitoring a nursery, living room, or entryway, the camera’s sharp imagery enables users to easily identify individuals and objects, even in challenging lighting conditions.

3. Smart Integration

The eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 integrates with popular smart home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

This compatibility allows users to control their surveillance system effortlessly using voice commands or app-based controls.

Whether adjusting camera settings, viewing live feeds, or receiving notifications, users have complete control over their security ecosystem, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

4. Motion Tracking

Advanced motion tracking capabilities empower the eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 to automatically follow moving objects within its field of view.

This feature ensures that users never miss a moment, whether tracking a pet’s playful antics or monitoring suspicious activity.

Additionally, users can manually pan the camera 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to obtain a clear view of the entire room, providing comprehensive coverage and flexibility in surveillance.

5. Two-Way Communication

With built-in two-way audio functionality, the eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 enables real-time communication between users and individuals within the camera range.

Whether greeting a family member, warning potential intruders, or calming a pet, this feature adds security and convenience to the surveillance experience.

By fostering two-way communication, the camera facilitates remote interaction and enhances overall situational awareness for users.

6. Noise Detection

The built-in AI of the eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 extends beyond motion detection to include noise detection capabilities. By monitoring noise levels in the environment, the camera can alert users to excessive noise, such as a baby crying or a pet in distress.

This feature is particularly useful for parents and pet owners, allowing them to respond promptly to their loved one’s needs, even when away from home.

7. Activity Zones

Customizable activity zones empower users to tailor the camera’s detection settings to their needs.

By defining designated areas within the camera’s field of view, users can focus on high-traffic areas or points of interest while minimizing false alerts from irrelevant movements.

Whether protecting entryways, monitoring play areas, or safeguarding valuables, activity zones offer enhanced control and customization in surveillance monitoring.

8. Night Vision

The eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 features advanced night vision capabilities, enabling round-the-clock monitoring of indoor spaces, even in low-light conditions.

Equipped with infrared sensors, the camera automatically switches to night vision mode when ambient light levels decrease, ensuring that users maintain visibility and awareness at all times.

Whether monitoring sleeping infants, checking on pets, or deterring intruders, night vision functionality provides peace of mind and security during the darkest hours.

9. 360° Coverage

Users can access a comprehensive 360° view of the entire room at the touch of a button, eliminating blind spots and ensuring thorough surveillance coverage.

This feature allows users to pan and tilt the camera’s lens to desired angles, providing full visibility of their surroundings with a single device. Whether scanning for potential threats, checking on loved ones, or simply monitoring household activities, 360° coverage offers users unparalleled versatility and peace of mind.

Eufy Security Camera Review: Fees

The eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 offers homeowners a transparent pricing model, eliminating the need for burdensome monthly fees.

With a one-time purchase price of $54.99, users can access a comprehensive surveillance solution without recurring costs. This upfront pricing approach ensures that users know exactly what they’re paying for, with no hidden fees or surprises down the line.

1. Local Security, No Monthly Fee

Unlike competing surveillance systems requiring costly subscriptions for access to premium features or cloud storage, the eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 prioritizes user privacy and data security.

By providing local security with no monthly fees, eufy reaffirms its commitment to delivering a seamless and affordable surveillance solution for homeowners. 

Users can enjoy peace of mind knowing their moments remain private and secure, with no ongoing financial commitment required.

2. Affordable and Accessible

With a price point of $54.99, the Eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 offers an affordable and accessible option for homeowners looking to enhance their security setup. 

This competitive pricing, advanced features, and robust functionality make it an attractive choice for users seeking reliable surveillance without breaking the bank.

What’s Included

The Eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 comes with all the necessary components for quick and easy installation, including a USB adapter, USB cable, mounting bracket, screw pack, and quick start guide. With these accessories, users can set up their surveillance system in minutes and begin monitoring their homes confidently and easily.


Does Indoor Cam E220 support 5GHz Wi-Fi?

The Indoor Cam E220 supports only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections, offering reliable connectivity for most home networks.

Is Indoor Cam E220 compatible with HomeBase 3?

While compatible with HomeBase 3 for storage purposes, additional features such as BionicMind modes and automation are not yet supported. However, users can expect seamless integration and reliable performance when utilizing HomeBase 3 with the Indoor Cam E220.


The Eufy security camera review emerges as a top-tier surveillance solution, offering comprehensive features, seamless integration, and unparalleled privacy protection.

Its advanced AI technology, high-quality imaging, and user-friendly design give homeowners peace of mind and confidence in their security setup.

Enhance your home security effortlessly with the Eufy Security Camera. Don’t wait, take control now. 

Whether monitoring for security threats, checking in on loved ones, or simply keeping an eye on household activities, this camera delivers reliable performance and convenience without monthly fees.

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