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Solocam S340 Review

In an era where personal and property security is more pressing than ever, the advent of robust and intelligent security cameras like the SoloCam S340 has been a shake-up. This Solocam s340 review delves deep into the features, performance, and overall value and offering you all the insights needed to decide whether it’s the right choice for enhancing your security setup.

Design and Build Quality

The SoloCam S340 boasts a sleek, modern design that is not only pleasing to the eye but also practical. Built to withstand the elements, it features:

  • Weather-resistant capabilities
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact and unobnoxious appearance suitable for discreet placement

These characteristics ensure that the camera remains operational in diverse environments, from the chilling cold of winter to the blistering heat of summer.

Day Footage


Diving deeper into what makes the SoloCam S340 review, it’s equipped with:

  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Technology
  • Dual-Camera Clarity at 50 Feet: Ultra-clear 3K resolution Max resolution is 2K when using Dual Views
  • 360° pan
  • Built-in AI for identifying and tracking movement
  • Auto-patrol and manual control options
  • 2,000-Lumen peak brightness
  • Customizable brightness settings
  • Motion-activated or ambient lighting
  • Security sirens with up to 95dB
  • Recording 24/7 recording with local storage (microSD card up to 128 GB) or connection
  • 8× zoom capability

Night Vision Functionality

Night footage

An essential feature for any modern security camera is night vision, and the SoloCam S340 excels in this area. Its advanced sensors provide clear footage even in low-light conditions, allowing for round-the-clock security.

AI Motion Detection

This feature sets the SoloCam S340 apart from many others in the market. By utilizing AI, the camera can distinguish between general movements and potential threats, reducing false alarms and enhancing the security quotient.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the SoloCam S340 is straightforward, making it accessible even to those who are not tech-savishly inclined. The process involves:

  • Mounting the camera using the provided tools
  • Connecting it to your Wi-Fi network
  • Pairing it with the mobile app, which acts as your control center
Solocam s320 setting


  • Captures events in ultra-clear 3K resolution, ensuring detailed footage.
  • Ensures continuous operation with minimal maintenance due to its solar panel.
  • Offers 360° camera coverage with pan and tilt capabilities, covering a wide area.
  • Built-in AI for identifying and tracking movement, enhancing security.
  • Customizable 2,000-lumen brightness with security sirens, doubling as a light source and security guard.
  • Supports 24/7 recording when local storage is enabled, providing constant monitoring.
  • Easy monitoring and control via a smartphone, adding convenience.


  • Reduced Resolution when AI Features on.
  • Dependence on Solar Power
  • Requires a microSD card (up to 128 GB) or connection to eufy HomeBase S380 for continuous recording, which might be an additional cost.

Performance in Real Scenarios

To gauge how the SoloCam S340 stands up in everyday use, I put it through various tests to observe:

  • Response time to detected movements
  • Clarity of recordings during different times of the day
  • Effectiveness of the alert system

User Feedback

“The SoloCam S340 gives me peace of mind with its quick alerts and crisp footage, making me feel like I have a reliable guard on duty 24/7.” – Jane Doe, verified user

This sentiment is echoed by many users who find the camera’s reliability to be its standout feature.

Comparisons Solocam S340 review with Other Security Cameras

In comparing the SoloCam S340 with its peers, it’s important to consider:

  • Price points
  • Feature sets
  • User-friendly aspects

While the SoloCam S340 may be on the pricier side, its robust feature set and dependable performance justify the investment compared to other models that might have similar features but lack in reliability or video quality.


Summarizing the insights gathered, the SoloCam S340 is a top-tier security camera that balances advanced technological features with user-friendly design and reliable performance. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home security or need a dependable solution for your business, the SoloCam S340 review stands as a compelling choice.

Investing in the SoloCam S340 is investing in peace of mind. With its cutting-edge features and straightforward operation, it is designed to offer superior security without the hassle.

If you’re considering enhancing your security measures, the SoloCam S340 deserves a spot at the top of your list. Check it out, and take a step towards smarter, more effective security solutions.